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TimescaleDB is the open-source relational database for time-series and analytics to build powerful data-intensive applications. TimescaleDB is a PostgreSQL extension, and you can use the standard PostgreSQL connector library, psycopg2, to connect to the database.

If you're using docker-compose, psycopg2 comes out of the box with Superset.

TimescaleDB sample connection parameters:

  • User Name: User
  • Password: Password
  • Database Host:
  • Database Name: Database Name
  • Port: default 5432 or Port number of the service

The connection string looks like:

postgresql://{username}:{password}@{host}:{port}/{database name}

You can require SSL by adding ?sslmode=require at the end (e.g. in case you use Timescale Cloud):

postgresql://{username}:{password}@{host}:{port}/{database name}?sslmode=require

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